AMA WATERWAYS Europe's Rivers & Castles with Overnights Paris and Prague

12 Days - 3 days in Paris, an enchanting 7-night cruise from Trier to Nuremberg plus 2 nights in Prague. Those returning from Germany are singing the praises of the fascinating Rhine and the Mosel as the most scenic European rivers. Start your European vacation with a big splash in Paris before joining our cruise in Trier, the oldest city in Germany. You will be enchanted by the meandering Mosel Valley with Europe's steepest vineyards and the precious towns of Bernkastel, Zell and Cochem. Taste the Mosel vintages in cozy taverns, then sail through the most beautiful stretch of the Rhine with all its picturesque castles from Koblenz to charming Radesheim. Enter the Main River with its quaint medieval towns of Miltenberg, Wertheim and Bamberg and sail through the Main-Danube Canal to historic Nuremberg before ending your journey in historic Prague.