Cruising 101:

Here I will answer some of the most common questions that concern not only seasoned cruisers, but for new to the cruising world as well....

Q: I would love to do a cruise but isn't it expensive? I can't afford thousands of dollars for a cruise.

A: This is a major misconception when it comes to considering a cruise. Many people, first time cruisers and past cruisers alike, aren't aware they can book a cruise with a minimal deposit and in some cases, no deposit! And if you book your cruise a year away or longer as many people do, you can make the deposit and pay in increments over that time as long as final payment is made 70 - 90 days prior to your sail date. Can't get any more affordable than that! The largest part of your cost is primarily based on your cabin choice. Inside cabins are less expensive where major suites can get pricey. If you plan on taking more than 2 people in your cabin, a larger cabin may be suggested. I'll work with you on that for the best rate.


Q: I don't want to spend days at sea stuck on a "boat".

A: Granted, on some cruises (longer than 7+ days) there may be 2 or more days at sea before reaching your next port of call. But not to worry. Sea days can be a best point of your cruise. EVERYTHING is open onboard like the bars, restaurants, casino, shows and more! The cruise lines have a dedicated team that plan entertainment during your sea days. And with new amenities of entertainment such as zip-lining, ice skating and surf boarding, you will never be bored unless of course you want to be! The options are yours on your cruise vacation.


Q: I have food allergies. How can I take a cruise with all the different types of food offered?

A: No worries there! I will work with you and the cruise line to ensure that once you board, the dining staff from the Chefs to the waitstaff are aware and will design meals based on your allergies. The cruise lines also offer sugar-free delicies for our fellow guests with Diabetes.


Q: I get seasick and don't want to spend my vacation being sick!

A: If you have never cruised before, I recommend to my new clients that they "get their feet wet" by trying a shorter cruise first. Something in the 3 to 4 day cruise area will give them the chance to see how they fare on the sea. But keep in mind, with all the new developments in the design of cruise ships, many steps have been taken to assure a smooth ride for guests. The biggest is the addition of "Stabilizers" that act as wings below the waterline that deploy to help balance the ship. Another major development is the design of modern cruise ships propulsion. On most newer vessels, there are no more shaft propellers. Now, ships use propulsion called "Azipods" that instead of pushing the ship through the ocean, it actually pulls the ship making less wake and less friction of the ocean.


Q: Do I have to get off the ship at ports?

A: Only at the end of the cruise! You can stay onboard at any of the ports you visit. Many people find this as a good time to take in the ship, relax or enjoy some of the entertainment the ship has to offer as the majority of the passengers will be visiting the port and the ship will be almost empty. Things such as restaurants, bars & other amenities remain open on port days (except for the onboard shops and casino).

Remember, if you have questions or concerns, I am here to help. Some questions are easy yet some may take further research but rest assured, I'm here with you EVERY step of the way!